iFly Indoor Skydiving in Naperville - things you should know

ifly indoor skydiving naperville

Are you looking for something to do with your friends or family that is completely different than anything else you’ve probably done?  Are you in the mood to do something that will get your heart pumping and give you a sense of excitement?

iFly in Naperville will give you exactly that!  This is a place that uses state-of-the-art wind tunnels to give you a sense of free fall.  These wind tunnels have been designed to give you a safe flight experience while enjoying yourself to the max!

If you’re looking to do something completely different this weekend, then check out the iFly in Naperville – you’ll want to go back next weekend too!

Can you wear jeans to iFly?

Before you actually go to flight, you’ll be given a flight suit to wear over your clothes, so jeans are okay to wear.  If you didn’t have the flight suit on then there wouldn’t be enough stretch in your jeans to make the flight very successful.

That being said, it’s recommended that you wear comfortable clothing (not necessarily loose) and that you avoid wearing any jewelry (including watches) and open toed shoes.  Make sure to tie any shoe laces and put your hair up in a braid.

Can you eat before indoor skydiving?

It’s perfectly fine to eat before going to flight.

Do they weigh you beforehand?

You may get weighed at your visit just to make sure that you’re safe and the coaches are safe as well.  If help is needed to keep you in the best position during flight, then the coaches may need to “catch” or “guide” you.  For the safety of the instructors, they try not to give them more weight than they can handle.  Weight restrictions typically exceed 260 lbs.

If you’re weighed, the results are only displayed on the computer screen and will not be shared with any other guest.  It is completely confidential.

How long does iFly last?

The total experience lasts a little under two hours, which includes check in, putting on flight suit, your instructional session and flight.  You can save time by filling out the waiver ahead of time, if you’d like.

How much is it to go to iFly?

Flights are typically sold on a per-person basis except for the Friends & Family 10 Flight package

You can do one of the following:

Package Cost
Super Saver 2 Flights $64.99
2 Flights $84.99
3 Flights $109.99
4 Flights $135.99
5 Flights $159.99
Friends & Family 10 Flights $349.99


From Knoch Knolls Park
Approximately 20 minutes (7.9 miles)

  1. Make a left at DuPage River Trail
  2. Turn right onto Knoch Knolls Rd and go straight for 0.7 miles
  3. Turn right onto Ring Rd for almost 400 ft
  4. Make a left turn onto S Washington St and go straight for 1.9 miles
  5. Turn right onto 75th St and continue for 0.8 miles
  6. Make a left onto S Naper Blvd and keep straight for 4.0 miles
  7. Make a left turn onto Diehl Rd for 0.2 miles
  8. Turn right onto High Point Dr
  9. Then a left onto Independence Ave going straight for 0.1 miles
  10. Turn left then turn right to get to the destination


From our office at Superior Drywall and Remodeling
Approximately 11 minutes (3.6 miles)

  1. Head east toward S Washington St
  2. Make a left at the 1st cross street onto S Washington St for 2.4 miles
  3. Make a right turn onto Diehl Rd for 0.9 miles
  4. Then make a left hand turn onto Freedom Dr for 0.2 miles
  5. Turn right at Independence Avenue and go straight for 220 ft
  6. Make two right turns and arrive at the iFly Indoor Skydiving building in Naperville
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